24 Days of Christmas: Day 2

For day 2 we went traditional. We put up our Christmas tree. I’ve noticed a lot of people couldn’t wait until December this year, I saw many Christmas tree photos on my facebook feed the last week of November.

It was easy for us to wait (and I could have waited even longer to be honest) because we have a 10 month old who is just starting to walk on his own and a year old kitten at home. Can anyone say “recipe for disaster”? I’m interested to see how they both react to the tree.

So, what makes putting up the tree so great? Well, one of our traditions is to give each child their own ornament every Christmas. Will’s parents do this too. That means the kids will each have enough personal ornaments for their own trees by the time they move out.

The kids love seeing their ornaments. We have some from when Will was a kid (including his first Christmas ornament) and many from the year Will and I first started dating (11 years ago now!) all the way to the ones we got last Christmas.

There are snowmen with their names on them, super heroes, princesses, whatever they were interested in each year. This year’s are Star Wars, Anna from Frozen and of course a baby’s 1st Christmas for Lincoln (shh, don’t tell them).

Will put up the tree and the kids (mostly) decorated it while Lincoln and I watched. They even spaced them out pretty good for the most part. But the tree is getting pretty packed, we may need a second one soon!

If you missed the beginning of the series check them out below, and don’t forget to follow along right up to Christmas!

Introduction: Why we are doing a family advent calendar

Day 1: Santa’s Anonymous


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