24 Days of Christmas: Day 3

I have a rule that I try not to break during the holidays: No going into malls in December. For our advent today, we broke that rule.

I very strongly dislike shopping of any kind in December. I try really hard to have gifts and anything else we will need well in advance. I started my Christmas shopping in July. But, to “visit Santa at the mall”… you kind of have to go to the mall.

Jordan loves Santa, Cam never has. Before we even went, she was very clear, “I will not sit on Santa’s lap, but I will tell him what I want for Christmas and I will stand close enough for a picture.”

That was good enough for me. She has warmed up to Santa over the last couple of years but she is generally put off by strangers and tends not to smile for pictures.

Going early in December  (or even late November) is great for a few reasons.

  1. The lines. There was no line at all. Last year we waited to go with a friend and the line was crazy! By the time our turn came everyone was overheated and the kids were whiny and tired. Today, we went right in, no waiting at all.
  2. The time. Because it’s not busy yet, Santa and his “helpers” can spend more time chatting with the kids and trying to get a good photo (not an easy task with 3 kids). The kids told Santa all about what they wanted for Christmas while Will and I picked out the picture we liked best. Much better than being rushed out for the next kids turn.
  3. Sharing. I know many people have sent their Christmas cards already. I am not one of those people. I have them ordered and they should come any day now. That means that I will have a picture of the kids with Santa to add to my cards. If we waited until closer to Christmas, I wouldn’t have time to send any out!

So, while I hate going into malls during December, I made an exception… for Santa.

Here are some other ways to include Santa in your December festivities:

  • Write a letter to Santa through Canada Post… and he’ll write back!
  • Get a personalized email from Santa through Portable North Pole
  • Use the Santa Tracker to see where Santa is (don’t forget to follow him around the world on Christmas eve!

If you missed the beginning of the series check them out below, and don’t forget to follow along right up to Christmas!

Introduction: Why we are doing a family advent calendar

Day 1: Santa’s Anonymous

Day 2: Decorating the Tree


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