24 Days of Christmas: Day 9

When is the last time you just sat and coloured? My kids do it all the time: while I’m feeding the baby, doing chores or any number of other “more important” tasks.

But, what’s more important than spending time with your kids? What’s more important than showing them, not just telling them, that their stuff matters just as much as yours does?

Day 9 was simple, but very important: family colouring. I bought a new colouring book and a pack of markers. We each picked a picture out of the book and we sat at the dining room table and coloured.

I intentionally bought one pack of markers for the four of us to use. I love any opportunity to reinforce sharing and other key values. One pack to share means learning patience, asking politely and taking turns.

The kids were thrilled with the idea. Their eyes lit up at the sight of the markers  (we haven’t had any in quite some time because they are rough with markers and have a habit of destroying them in one use). They colour with my Mom and Will’s Mom all the time. They colour with me or Will on occasion. I don’t think we’ve ever sat down all together to colour.

A couple of interesting things happened while we coloured. The kids talked. They talked about what they were colouring at first. Then, they started talking about other things: school, friends and whatever else came to mind. We sat and coloured and talked for a long time.

I also realized that they are growing and changing before my eyes and I’m missing a lot of it. With 3 kids and all the stuff that comes with them (chores, school, lessons), I miss a lot. I’m glad they are able to entertain themselves, but time is moving too quickly.

I noticed their colouring. Jordan picking specific colours and being able to stay in the lines better than I remember. Cam still going out of the lines, but not nearly as much, and having more patience, almost finishing the whole picture by herself.

“The days are long but the years are short”. I’ve been seeing that a lot lately. It’s true. I must remember to slow down and spend more time with them while they still want to. The dishes can wait, the memories can’t.


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