24 Days of Christmas: Day 10

Day 10 was SUPPOSED to be Christmas cards. I struggle with doing cards. I plan on doing so much more than I actually do. So here it is, Christmas cards: fantasy vs reality.


I imagine getting a family photo done early and having cards made with the photos. Cute pictures of the kids on a holiday background with a nice cheery sentiment.

I’ll write a Christmas letter to add to the card. It’ll tell everyone what we’ve been up to for the last year. Maybe I’ll even try a cute twist like this one from Beauty Through Imperfection (she has so many good ideas in other posts as well) and do it from Lincoln’s point of view.

When the cards arrive and the letters are printed, I’ll pull up my address list, write little personal notes on each card and address each envelope. I’ll even have a couple of cute pictures to include with the card and letter.

Then, I’ll sit at the table with the kids and we’ll put on the stamps and return address labels (that I had made up with the cards of course). While we do this, I’ll explain to them the importance of family and friends, especially during the holidays and how it’s nice to keep in touch with people.

Once all the cards are done, we will zip out to the mailbox and the kids will each put in half because, they love putting stuff in the mailbox.

Job complete. Great teamwork. Everyone had fun. The cards and letters are perfect. We’re awesome at Christmas cards.



We did get Christmas photos of the kids done in November. They were lovely and we got the finished gallery of photos in plenty of time to do the cards…

Unless you’re ordering the cards online. I used Shutterfly, which was fantastic. The cards are really well done and it came with free photo prints and address labels. However, since I only got my photos at the end of November, I had to wait to get my cards until almost mid December.

But, I was aware of that when I ordered them. No big deal, I’m not sending any of them too far, that should be plenty of time to have them get to everyone before the holidays. And in the meantime, I can work on my Christmas letter.

Or in the meantime I’ll deal with life and 3 kids and writing posts for a new blog and doing a family advent calendar and… what do you mean it’s December 10th? The cards are here, but where’s my letter?

Ok, so we’ll scrap the letter this year. Too bad, it would have been cute being Lincoln’s first year and a lot of big stuff actually happened to our family this year. Oh well, maybe next year. I’ll just start addressing the envelopes and writing notes in the cards.

After half an hour of scouring the computer and my email, I find my VERY OLD address list. There are not only a bunch of addresses I know are incorrect, but there are some names that don’t even have addresses attached to them! What’s even worse? Now that I’m looking at the list I realize I forgot some people and didn’t order enough cards!

So, time to pare down the list. I have to send to parents and siblings, and Aunts and Uncles (we have a lot), and then there’s… FOUR cards left?! Four friends to send cards to. I’ll have to order more next year. Sorry if you didn’t get a card, I tried.

As my heartfelt greetings are turning into a simple “Merry Christmas xoxo”, I’m frantically texting and messaging people to get new addresses. I know if I don’t get them now, the cards won’t be sent at all.

Finally, the addresses are done and I’ve (mostly) updated my list. Hopefully I can find it and remember to look at it BEFORE I order the cards next year.

I do get to sit at the table with the kids, one putting on stamps and the other putting on return address labels. I have to remind them with every card, “no, it goes in the corner. Don’t cover the writing, the mail carrier needs to see the address.”

But finally, they’re done. The kids helped. The cards are nice, just not what I was hoping for. Maybe we’ll be awesome at Christmas cards next year.

Did I mention that this all happened a day later than I had planned? That for our “Day 10” we did nothing? Oh, and the labeled and stamped cards are still sitting on my dining room table even though there is a mailbox at the end of our street? I’ll mail them tomorrow… I promise.

Maybe next year I should take advice from The Cole Mines and not send anything at all. But then, where’s the fun in that?


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