24 Days of Christmas: Day 16

Every morning, on our way to school, we pass a fire station. Usually there are a few trucks out of the garage being cleaned or worked on. The kids say “Good morning fire trucks!” every time we drive by. As part of our advent, we decided to bring some cookies to the fire station to show them we appreciate the work they do for our community.

I called ahead to see if it was ok and to see when would be a good time to come. I also wanted to know how many people would be on duty (we didn’t want to bring too few cookies). I got the impression this doesn’t happen very often, if at all, but the lady said it would be fine and gave me their drill schedule so we could pick a time when the fire fighters would likely be in the station.

So, I packed up the kids and the cookies and we walked over. It’s only about a block from our house so we got there quickly. We went in and told the people at the front desk that we had brought goodies for the fire fighters.

They told the kids what a nice thing that was to do and went about finding some goodies for the kids. Jordan and Cam each got crayons and an activity book (about fire safety) and a red plastic fire helmet. Lincoln got a cute little stuffed dalmatian.

Then we went to search for the fire fighters. We went into the bay where all the trucks are kept and we were greeted by half a dozen fire fighters. The kids each gave them a tin of cookies and two of the men stayed to give us a tour.

They asked the kids ages and names and they let the kids check out the trucks. They all climbed in one of the fire trucks and the men showed Jordan and Cam all the different equipment and told them what each item is used for.

Then they hopped into an old style fire truck that they only use in parades and other community events. They liked that one the best. We were shown the truck that carries water for fires that are not near hydrants, the vehicle they use for unusual terrain like if they have to go on a beach, and of course the truck with the giant ladder.

The kids went in every vehicle they could find. They got to turn on the lights and pretend to drive the trucks. Everyone was very pleasant and welcoming and it was a wonderful experience for the kids. When we were leaving, they let Jordan push the button to open the garage door.

We thanked them for the tour, they thanked us for the cookies, everyone said Merry Christmas and we went on our way.

On the way back Cam said, “next time we go to the fire station we should ask them if they liked the cookies.”

We picked the fire station because it is a part of our daily routine but there are many other places you could bring a little treat. Make sure you phone ahead and pick somewhere that is important to you:

  • Police station
  • Health unit (nurses)
  • Children’s hospital or ward
  • Doctors office
  • Pharmacy
  • Retirement home

The possibilities are endless. Who would you bring surprise treats to for the holidays?


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