24 Days of Christmas: Day 17

We started with donating on Day 1 and we are continuing to do activities that include helping others. Every year, there is a Festival of Trees in Victoria. Usually the festival is held at the Empress Hotel, but due to renovations this year The Bay Centre stepped up and accommodated.

The trees are decorated by different businesses and donated to the festival. There are 65 trees this year throughout the mall. You can go to look at the trees and you can also make a donation (recommended $2) to vote for your favourite one. The donations support BC Children’s Hospital.

We looked at all the trees. There are Minions, Disney characters, nautical themes, teddy bears and so much more. The kids were so interested in getting to the next tree that they didn’t even notice any of the stores we were passing.

Cam and Jordan both picked their favourite tree and cast their votes. I missed the experience the Empress brings, the hotel is quite something to stroll through, but the trees were lovely and there were plenty to choose from.

So, we yet again broke my “no malls in December” rule. It doesn’t count if we didn’t buy anything right?

The trees are up until January 5, 2016. Go down and check them out. Which one will you vote for?


If you missed some of the series check out the links below, and don’t forget to follow along right up to Christmas!

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