24 Days of Christmas: Day 19

Today we did something none of us have ever done before. We rode on a horse-drawn trolley. Victoria is known for having horse-drawn carriages and trolleys and during December, there are free rides available.

FREE RIDES? Sign me up! The kids love horses. We were there just after noon and we had to wait for a second trolley as the first one was already full. I’m not sure if this was because it’s the last weekend they are available, or because of the nice weather today or maybe they’re simply always that busy.

Before the first one left, the kids got to feed the horses (though Cam was scared, so she just watched). We were told the horses names and what kinds of horses they are.

The trolleys run on Saturdays from 12-4 and Sundays from 12-3. The last day is tomorrow (December 20th). There are two trolleys that circulate a set route downtown making stops at 4 locations:

  • Store St. at Chatham St. – in front of Ocean River Sports
  • Johnson St. near Wharf St. – in front of Willie’s Bakery
  • Langley St. at Bastion Sq. – across from re-Bar
  • Government St. at Fisgard St. – in front of CRD Plaza

The trolleys do not make stops at set times. They start at noon and at every second stop they make sure the trolleys are synced up with each other before departing. This way, a trolley comes by each stop every 15-20 minutes.

It was quite chilly, make sure you dress warm and maybe bring a blanket if you’re planning on going. Jordan had fun waiving at everyone as we passed. Cam was singing along to the Christmas music playing in the trolley. Lincoln was content to sit and watch everything.

This is something that’s been offered for years now. It generally is on weekends (slightly different times of day each year) from the end of November or beginning of December until the last weekend before Christmas. The DVBA makes the complimentary rides possible.

One of the stops lets you off right near the Ferris Wheel. Why not do 2 in 1 and make an afternoon of it?


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