24 Days of Christmas: Day 21

Presents to buy, dinners to plan, going here, there and everywhere. Christmas can get busy and stressful if you let it. So for day 21 we did… nothing.

It’s rare that our family finds a day with no school, lessons or errands. It’s even more rare that Will has that same day off. So when I realized there was nothing we HAD to do, I decided to schedule a nothing day. That’s right, we usually have so much going on that I have to schedule time to relax.

The kids stayed in their pj’s all day. We stayed in bed late. We ate when we felt like it. We wached movies all morning. Will and Jordan played video games.

In the afternoon, Will took the kids for a walk to the mall (maybe a last minute present for Mama?). I took the opportunity to have a shower and changed from my pj’s to… that’s right, a new set of pj’s!

I got some cleaning done while they were gone. I usually have a cleaning schedule, I wasn’t planning on doing any on our nothing day, but I had some time so I did a bit anyway.

Somehow, on a day where I had no plans, I felt like I had accomplished more than I had the entire previous week. Maybe it was because I didn’t have a lengthy “to do” list looming over me. Maybe it was because I wasn’t wasting my time going out so I had more time to get things done around the house. Maybe it’s what the family needed and the kids were more relaxed too, whining and arguing less than usual. Who knows, it was nice.

So, we cuddled and giggled, we danced and played. The only time I went outside was to take the garbage out. I really enjoyed our nothing day.

Sometimes, especially around the holidays, it’s nice to simply spend time with the ones you love. We don’t need big presents or fancy dinners or elaborate plans. We just need time, time to appreciate where we are in life. Time to recognize the “season” you are in and really be present, because, before you know it, it’ll be gone.


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