24 Days of Christmas: Day 23

We did something simple today. We had pancakes for dinner. It’s a fun treat because it’s not something we would normally have for dinner. The kids really enjoyed the added twist.

They weren’t just any pancakes. They were Christmas pancakes. I made snowmen, reindeer and Santa pancakes for the kids. I used chocolate chips, strawberries and whipped cream for the final touches.

I don’t think they looked that great. I’m no artist. The whipped cream was melting (because I didn’t think about letting the pancakes cool down first) and the chocolate chips were sliding off for the same reason. They sure were tasty though!

The kids didn’t care that they weren’t perfect. They loved eating the fun shapes. They gobbled up what was on their plates and made requests for other Christmas shapes.

Not too long ago, I was one of the moms who looked at DIY ideas and thought “I can’t do stuff like that.” And if you don’t try, it’s true, you can’t.

Eventually, I started seeing things that I thought looked super easy. I started trying them. Crafts, meals, even things like cleaning and organizing hacks. And you know what? They ARE easy.

Then I started doing things that were a bit more challenging, took a bit more effort. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they don’t turn out at all like I wanted, but they are fun, or tasty or whatever they were meant to be and I decide to tweak it and try again or scrap it and try something completely different the next time.

My point is this: If you don’t try, you won’t succeed.

Were my pancakes perfect? God no. Are they worthy of a facebook status? Probably not. Did the kids enjoy them? Yes, very much so. I might even try them again sometime.

It’s good to try new things. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone. It’s better to have your children see you do those things. Maybe they will grow up thinking anything is possible, because you gave them that attitude through your actions when they were little.


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